My First Blog Post!

Styled by Kristen Wiltgen Blog

Hello friend! Welcome to the Styled by Kristen Wiltgen Blog! I’m so happy that you are here. My name is Kristen Wiltgen (it’d probably be weird if it wasn’t, right?). I’m a wifey to my wonderful husband, Bob, and Mommy to two sweet kiddos, Atticus and Cecilia.

Like so many people in this world, I’m working hard, hustling every day to try to make my dreams come true. I am very fortunate to have a corporate marketing job that I enjoy, that helps give my family everything they need and a decent amount of what they want. But, if you asked me what I love, what I’m truly passionate about (outside of my family, of course), I’d have to say interior design.

I am a serial planner, always working and reworking projects and ideas that pop into my head. That’s a pretty big part of design. But, I love the pretty part of it as well. I am particularly drawn to look at “old” (I prefer the word vintage) castoffs that no one wants anymore and seeing what could be. Re-purposing vintage items is really special to me because I appreciate that each piece has a history. Each one has been a part of many other humans’ stories long before me and will probably be on this Earth for many generations after I’m gone.

Other than my obsession with flea market shopping, I also enjoy working on my own creations – DIYs, if you will. If there is something that I want for a design project, in my home or someone else’s, that I can’t re-purpose from some other object, I like to explore my ability to create it from scratch before just going to the store and buying something new. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to the store! And, I really love buying all the pretty new stuff! I just also really enjoy creating.

Because of these passions, many of the blogs you find on this site will be related to home decor, interior design, and DIY projects. But, you’ll also notice that lovely little option titled Lifestyle up there in the menu bar. That’s because I have many other varied interests that I enjoy researching and writing about that I think you may be interested in as well. You’ll find a lot of family related content there. You’ll also find articles on travel, organization, entertaining, and whatever else sparks my fancy.

Sharing my experiences with like-minded rock stars like yourself is my goal for this blog. It’s an outlet for me to explore the things that I am passionate about and to connect with new friends.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!


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