Fabulous Instagram Accounts for Design Inspiration

Instagram Design Inspiration

If you’re anything like me, you probably spend way more time than you should scrolling aimlessly through your various social media accounts.

At least, that’s what my husband says about my habits. But, it all becomes worth it when this seemingly mundane activity opens your eyes to something fabulous – the elusive #scrollstopper.

There are a few such accounts that capture my full attention and inspire my own house projects with nearly every post.

These are 5 of my favorite home design Instagram accounts.


Sarah over @blessedcrazytxnest is such a sweetheart! She has become a wonderful mentor to me and many others as we started out on Instagram. I think many of us have flocked to her because her squares are so beautifully curated. What I love most about Sarah’s feed is that she really showcases all of the amazing decor that she styles for each and every holiday. Her recent Valentine’s Day decor was completely swoon-worthy!

Check out some of my favorite squares from @blessedcrazytxnest:


Ashley recently started her own staging and design business (jealous!!). Y’all, if her work is anything at all like her own home – which I’m certain it is – she is going to be a massive success! Her home is the perfect representation of French country style. If I was writing blog posts from that dining room table, I’d be so distracted looking around that I’d never get anything done!

Check out some of my favorite squares from @little_blue_door_design:


Kelli’s home is stunning. I love how she really keeps a focal point on the beautiful home that she and her husband have built, while keeping a minimalist decor style. The decor she chooses adds the perfect finishing touch to the fabulous foundation that she already has in place. As you can see from the photos I’ve chosen to highlight below, her kitchen backsplash and oven hood may well be my favorite part of her home.

Check out some of my favorite squares from @thepaintedbrickfarmhouse:


Hannah’s feed highlights photos of her beautiful starter home. The design is completely fabulous! What I am really excited about with Hannah’s account is that her starter home has sold and she and her husband are now hunting for their forever home. That means a whole new home for her to design and decorate! I’m sure it will be gorgeous! I love following along with her journey.

Check out some of my favorite squares from @thedetailsofdwelling:


The genius behind @ashleysabode is my new friend Ashley. She does such a wonderful job of seamlessly mixing simple farmhouse and rustic touches with funky mid-century modern pieces. I love the antique gold frame wall that she’s put together. And, that barn wood headboard – O.M.G.

Check out some of my favorite squares from @ashleysabode:

It was SO HARD to pick just 5 Insta stars to highlight for this post! And even harder to narrow down which images to share. I’ve made so many new friends on Instagram during the journey to launching this blog. Definitely look for a follow-up to come soon! Or, if you can’t wait, check out my Instagram account to see who I follow.

Do you have any Instragram design accounts that you love? Please share them in the comments!

Instagram Home Decor Inspiration

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