Top 10 Favorite Home Office Desk Accessories

Home office desk accessories, home decor

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If you haven’t read my bio yet, you may not know that I have a 9-5 job outside of this blog. My goal is to make this my full-time gig someday, but I also really like (and need) money. So, I will be staying in the corporate world for the foreseeable future.

I’m very fortunate that my corporate marketing job allows me to work out of my home 98% of the time. Plus, I have this little blog here that keeps me pretty busy on the computer. That means that a home office is essential to my professional success.

Our home doesn’t have an extra bedroom, but it does have a great landing at the top of the stairs, so I’ve turned that into my office space. I bought a pretty wood desk, painted and wallpapered two old bookcases, found a little storage cabinet with drawers of different sizes, and designed the space for optimal work efficiency.

Although I have enjoyed designing the space as a whole, I have particularly enjoyed planning my desk space. This is the space that I use every day, all day long, so it needs to be functional. But, who says functional can’t be pretty? Not me!

Below are 10 of my favorite desk accessories that I use in my personal home office.

Click on the images below for more details!

What are your desk must-haves to help you work better?

Home Office Desk Accessories

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