St. Patrick’s Day DIY: Framed Art

St. Patrick's Day DIY, Lucky Us, Printable

There are so many beautiful paintings, prints, and photographs that you can purchase to decorate your home. But, they can get expensive – especially when you’re changing out your decor from season to season and holiday to holiday.

Did you know that you can create your own images at home, with ZERO PhotoShop experience, and save a TON of money? Well, my beautiful friends, you can!

I don’t do PhotoShop. I’ve tried. It wasn’t good. I’m pretty intuitive when it comes to technology, but PhotoShop is just one of those things that I truly believe you need actual training to use. I have graphic design friends that use it everyday, that I’ve actually tried watching while they work, and I still just can’t get my head around the layering and layering and more layering.

If you’re like me, fear not. You can create beautiful images using Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. No joke, I do it all the time. I tend to use Word more than PowerPoint, but I know other amateur friends of mine that prefer PowerPoint. The choice is really yours.

For the purpose of this tutorial, because it is currently one of the most wonderful times of the year, I’m going to walk through how to create a St. Patrick’s Day graphic that you can print and frame.

Here is your super long list of supplies needed:

  1. A computer with basic software functionality (Word) and access to the Internet

Boom. That’s it folks!

Step-by-step guide to creating the graphic in the image above:

  1. Open Word document
  2. Search online for a shamrock graphic that you love – I love Google Image search
    1. As long as you’re not going to sell your graphic, you have pretty much free reign for downloading any images you find that are not for sale.
    2. If you are going to sell your graphic, make sure you’re purchasing your images or using those that are approved for download for commercial use. Pexels is my favorite for free commercial images!
  3. Copy your preferred shamrock image (Right Click->Copy Image), then paste it into your Word doc (Right Click->Paste).
  4. Resize the image by clicking on it and then using the little boxes at the corners to make it smaller or larger.
  5. Once you have the size that you like, copy the image and paste it as many times as is necessary to fill the page – save a space at the very end (bottom right corner) of the document.
  6. Insert a text box in the space that you left in the bottom right corner (Insert->Text Box->Simple Text Box).
  7. With the text box selected, set it to be positioned in front of your text so you can easily reposition it (Drawing Tools->Format->Bring Forward->Bring to Front)
  8. Resize your text box using the same technique that you did for your shamrock image.
  9. Type “LUCKY US” in the text box (without the quotation marks).
  10. Select the text with your cursor.
  11. Update the Font and Font Size in the Home menu. I used Arial Black as my font and 32 as my font size. You’ll need to determine what size works best with the space you have available.
  12. Next, change each letter to a color of the rainbow by selecting each letter individually and then changing the text color in the Home menu. Just remember ROY-G-BIV from secondary school – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.
  13. Once you have your graphic the way that you like it, save the Word doc (File->Save). I always save the Word doc so that I can go back and make changes later if I want to (I may do this more often than I should…).
  14. You can print your 8.5×11 inch image directly from Word (File->Print) or you can convert it to a JPEG to have it printed professionally (recommended).
  15. To convert your Word file to an image file, you can use your computer’s screenshot functionality or a snipping tool. I use Snipping Tool because it was already installed on my laptop. I’ve also used SnagIt in the past with success.
  16. If you take a screenshot, you’ll need to crop your image. If you used Snipping Tool, you will have already selected the image the way you want it sized.
  17. Save your image as a JPEG.

And, you’re done!

I created this image in probably around 30 minutes.

If you’re still not comfortable with this process, but don’t want to spend a ton of money at the store, you can download either of the two images below on my Etsy shop. They are only $3.50 each! That’s cheaper than buying a new piece of art from the store for sure!

St. Patrick's Day Decor, Printable, Lucky Us
St. Patrick's Day Decor, Printable, Lucky

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St Patrick's Day Framed Art Download

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