Design Ideas: St. Patrick’s Day Tablescape

St. Patrick's Day Table Decor

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Hosting a St. Patrick’s Day dinner or brunch? Or, just want to decorate your dining room to help get you into the spirit of the holiday (without actual spirits)? There are so many chic options available that don’t include putting leprechauns and rainbows everywhere.

I like to start any central decor with a color scheme. For this holiest of holidays in my family, I choose to use lots of white and green, with gold accents. I also like to bring in some shiny crystal pieces – Waterford Crystal is from Ireland after all!

I tend to gravitate toward lots of natural elements in my design, which is hilarious since I have a black thumb. Instead of the green carnations you can find EVERYWHERE at this time of year (sorry, I’m just not a fan), I love to use shamrock plants and moss. To incorporate pops of white, I opt for simple baby’s breath and pretty white flowers. I usually pick up some of the white tulips that are just coming into season now, but I found these campanulas this year and fell in love!

As with all good decor, the magic is in layering. I start with my homemade burlap table runner. I love the rustic Celtic symbol stenciled across it. You can make one for yourself with a burlap runner from Hobby Lobby and a pretty stencil. Or, skip the work and just order one from my Etsy shop HERE.

Next, I like to place my table settings so I know how much room I have to work with for decor, while still keeping the table functional – you need to be able to actually eat! For place settings, start with your chargers. I like gold chargers to peak out from underneath our vintage white shamrock plates.

This year, I scoured the stores for gold utensils so I didn’t have to use our everyday silver. I. LOVE. THESE. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on new silverware (however beautiful the options may have been), I was so happy to find these in the wedding section at Walmart for less than $10. Score!

St. Patrick's Day Table Decor

I also love these pretty green goblets that I found at Hobby Lobby! The bubbles in the glass add a nice textural element. And, I finish off my place settings with linen napkins. I just found these babies on a clearance endcap at Target.

Now, if you want to get really creative, you can get green napkins and fold each into the shape of a shamrock. Martha Stewart has a great tutorial video. I prefer a more simplistic look, so I either fold my napkin under the forks or tuck them between the dinner plates and chargers.

The next layer I add in is the greenery I discussed earlier. My greenery and flowers make up the primary decor on top of the table runner. This year, I am so lucky to have my florals displayed in these pretty glass Shamrock milk bottles. I found them sitting on a dusty shelf at a Florida flea market earlier this year. I got the set of 6 bottles (2 large and 4 small) for $4!!!

St. Patrick's Day Table Decor

I did a lot of research on these bottles to try to find out their history. Admittedly, I bought them because they said Shamrock Dairy, but I also really love to know the history behind the vintage pieces that we display in our home. This one has been a challenge, friends! I couldn’t find any info on Shamrock Dairy in Baraboo, Wisconsin, so I went the route of researching the manufacturer of the glass instead – Thatcher Glass Manufacturing Company. I found that the version of the logo on my bottles was used from 1923 through the early 1950s. Since I also know that telephone numbers in the US switched to 7 digits in 1947 and the bottles display a 4-digit number, I know that the bottles are at least older than that. So… long story long, these beauties are from somewhere between 1923 and 1947. How cool is that?!? I’m never letting them go!

Okay, back to the purpose of this blog post. The next layer used in my tablescape is candles. I chose a crisp white to pair nicely with all of the green. I have a lot of fun redecorating my rustic scale centerpiece each season. St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. The mix of moss and tall white candles in pretty glass jars is a lovely addition to this piece. I also found these gorgeous antique brass candlesticks at the Florida flea market, so I decided to add them to the design with some pretty white taper candles.

I finished off my tablescape with some rustic horseshoes for added good luck. You may be able to find vintage horseshoes at your local antique store. If not, Hobby Lobby has some great options in their western decor section. These are the ones I purchased (at 50% off!!).

St. Patrick's Day Table Decor

I’d love to see your St. Patrick’s Day tablescapes! Feel free to share pictures in the comments for all to enjoy.

St Patrick's Day Tablescape

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