10 Home Decor Finds on Amazon Right Now

Amazon Home Decor

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I am often asked where I get the items I use to decorate our home. I have this lovely habit of always having projects going on around the house. I get anxious when I’m not busy, so I try to channel that into something productive. That results in regularly decorating, designing, and updating the spaces in our home.

My style doesn’t zero in on simply one type of design style. It is a combination of many, including farmhouse, French country, cottage, industrial, and traditional. My goal in each room of our home is to curate a collection of pieces that match, but that are not matchy matchy.

For example, if you’ve seen pictures of our master bedroom on Instagram, you’ll notice that we have a solid wood farmhouse-style platform bed, white French cottage end tables, black industrial cage lamps, a solid wood “gentleman’s chest” with a sliding barn door, and a pretty blue distressed dresser. I refused to buy the matching bedroom set when we bought our home, to my husband’s initial dismay. It’s okay if that is the look that you prefer, we are all different, but my goal in every room of our home is to make the design look to be found.

All of the pieces I’ve used to decorate our home have been goodies that I find at stores like Hobby Lobby, At Home Stores, Target, Wayfair, and Amazon, antique and vintage items that I’ve been fortunate enough to find, and DIY projects that I design and create myself.

But, for the purpose of answering this question that I often receive about where I get my decor items, I’m going to share the last 10 items that I’ve purchased from Amazon (I may have an Amazon Prime addiction…) and how I’m using them in our home.

I hope this can help provide you with some inspiration!

New Master Bedroom Curtains

When we bought our house last year, I focused my designs on furniture and decor. Recently, I’ve turned my focus toward window coverings. I really wanted pretty sheer white curtains in our master bedroom. However, hubby really wanted dark blackout curtains. These beauties struck a good compromise. Although they don’t have the sheer texture that I was hoping for, I was able to find white blackout curtains that both brighten and darken our bedroom. I paired them with these vintage looking bronze curtain rods.

Amazon Home Decor Ideas
Amazon Home Decor Ideas

New Curtains in the Princess’ Room

I have also recently chosen curtains for my 5 year old daughter’s pretty princess room. For her, I had to go with something frilly and youthful, that’s why I chose these girly white ruffle curtains. Her room has lots of pink and white with gold and crystal accents, so I found this brass curtain rod to complement the accents already present.

Amazon Home Decor Ideas
Amazon Home Decor Ideas

Spring Decor

I haven’t started fully decorating for spring yet. St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal in our household, so that takes priority over spring decor. However, I couldn’t pass up these moss balls that I found on Amazon! They are so inexpensive. And, I can start using them now with my St. Patrick’s Day decor and keep using them all the way through spring. Score!

Amazon Home Decor Ideas

Family Command Center

We found, over the last several months, that our kids were having a hard time remembering to complete their chores. They and the hubs were also always asking what’s for dinner. So, I decided it was time to create a family command center. We have a very narrow wall in our kitchen that is the perfect location for this information hub. But, with such a small amount of real estate, I had to be strategic about what we would include.

I designed and created a weekly menu board that I update when I make our meal plan on Sundays. I bought these magnetic chalkboard signs to hold both kids’ chore charts and one in a slightly different size to house their electronics tickets (they get 30 minutes at a time and have an allotment of tickets for the week). I also bought these warm wood coat hooks to use to hang the mini storage bags. I have them filled with faux shamrock stems right now. I will change out the greenery based on the season to add a nice natural pop to the wall.

Amazon Home Decor Ideas
Amazon Home Decor Ideas
Amazon Home Decor Ideas

Powder Room

Our powder room is cute, but it’s basic. It’s the builder grade powder room that was created when our house was built a few years ago. I have a lot of plans for this space – new tile, wallpaper, a vintage mirror (that I will be on a hunt for this summer!), and a new vanity to replace the current pedestal sink. Until then, I’m trying to make small changes to help make the space feel more like us. I fell in love with these floating rope shelves to hang above the toilet. I couldn’t wait to get that ugly silver towel bar down and these beautifies installed and decorated!

Amazon Home Decor Ideas

In the Kitchen

I haven’t made many changes in the kitchen since we moved it. Although it’s not the white cabinets and subway tile that I was dreaming of when we were house hunting, it is quite beautiful with it’s mahogany cabinets and granite countertops. I change out the decor on a seasonal basis. One thing that I often find myself updating is a beautiful wrought iron recipe book holder that I keep in one of the corners.

It recently displayed Joanna Gaines’ beautiful cookbook. It is currently displaying an old Irish cookbook that we love to pull recipes from at this time of year. Based on a recommendation from a friend, I ordered this new cookbook a couple of weeks ago – Sunday Suppers: Recipes + Gatherings. I’ve thumbed through it already to see the beautiful photographs and yummy recipe and gathering ideas. It will definitely be on display in our kitchen as soon as St. Patrick’s Day is over!

Amazon Home Decor Ideas


Okay, okay, I know I said I was only going to share 10 of my recent purchases. But, I JUST ordered this gorgeous rug yesterday to place under our dining room table and finish out that space. I can’t wait to get it rolled out. It’s so beautiful (and inexpensive!), I had to share it with you all!

Amazon Home Decor Ideas

All of the images in this blog are from their online listings. If you’d like to see how I’ve incorporated each into my personal home, please follow me on Instagram! I’m always posting photos there. 😉

Amazon Home Decor Ideas

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