More Fabulous Instagram Accounts for Design Inspiration

Instagram home decor inspiration

If you’ve been following my blog, then you know I have a tiny obsession with Instagram. I think it’s just the best place to source home design inspiration.

I published a post previously highlighting some of my favorite Instagram accounts. You can (and should) check it out HERE.

Below are 5 more amazing accounts that I want to share with you today. These ladies inspire me every single day with their amazing style, fabulous personalities, and all around kick-ass girl power!

Here are 5 of my favorite home design Instagram accounts.


Erin over @esweerossell and I have a lot in common. We love all things modern farmhouse, chippy white, and antique. We also share a major love for St. Patrick’s Day. What I love most about Erin’s feed is her attention to detail. Although the overall style comes off as uncluttered, there is so much to see in each of her pretty squares. She is a master picker when it comes to finding goodies at her local antique shops.

Check out some of my favorite squares from @esweerossell:


Michelle is an interior designer with her own website coming soon! She not only shares photos of her own gorgeous home, but also pieces that she finds for her clients. It’s great because instead of just showcasing the design style she uses for her home, we also get to see inspiration for the varied design styles of her clients. For someone like myself, who doesn’t venture far from my design comfort zone, it is interesting and fun to see ideas from other styles.

Check out some of my favorite squares from @fancydesignyourbestlife:


Claudia’s home is stunning. Y’all, I had a really hard time narrowing down this highlight to just 4 squares, because there were so many phenomenal options to choose from. Claudia is unique because she is actually a landscape architect. That means, not only is the inside of her house gorgeous, but the outside is equally beautiful. If I had her outdoor space, I would never spend any time indoors!

Check out some of my favorite squares from @dotsanddesign:


Marissa has a really cool story. Her husband is a professional beekeeper, so they actually have three homes that they live in throughout the year. They travel between South Dakota, Montana, and Texas. Y’all, that means she gets to decorate THREE HOUSES! THREE! I’m so jealous! And, let me tell you, each one of her homes is gorgeous. She is also a big fan of St. Patrick’s Day – a girl after my own Irish heart.

Check out some of my favorite squares from @marissa_decorates_3:


The brains behind @ourdiynest is my new friend Kristi. She does such a great job of designing and curating the beautiful pieces she finds for her home. I am especially in love with her beautiful tablescapes – that is why I’ve featured two below. You can tell she puts a lot of thought and love into making her home a beautiful, comfortable place to live.

Check out some of my favorite squares from @ourdiynest:

As I mentioned before, this is my 2nd post highlighting the beautiful accounts of Instagram. Make sure to check out the 1st one HERE. I’ve made so many new friends on Instagram during the journey to launching this blog. I’m sure I’ll be doing more of these round-up posts. But, if you can’t wait, check out my Instagram account to see who I follow.

Do you have any Instragram home design accounts that you love? Please share them in the comments!

Instagram home decor inspiration

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