Design Ideas: Easter Tablescape

Easter Tablescape Home Decor

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Easter is such a special time for those of us who walk in faith. It’s a time to come together as a family, in faith, to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus. Even for my non-religious friends, it is a time for family gatherings and togetherness.

I don’t know about you, but our family tends to gather around food, which means time spent at the dining room table. Which works perfect for me because I love to cook and I love to decorate! Okay, I also love to eat…

As I’ve mentioned before, I like to start any central decor plans with a color scheme. When it comes to Easter, it’s much less about one specific color and more about all things pastel. I love pretty pastel colors, but rarely utilize them in my designs.

I spend most of the year styling our home in neutral colors with only subtle pops of color (usually shades of blue). BUT, Easter means I get to use pretty pinks and purples and yellows and oranges and blues and greens. Don’t get me wrong, you will find plenty of white bunnies and wood-tone eggs around our home, but there is also lots of color!

Although I often gravitate toward lots of natural elements in my table design, I (surprisingly) don’t have any fresh flowers on our Easter table this year. I do have plenty of tulips around the house though, so I think it’s okay (check out my Instagram for photo evidence – haha!). I do have some little faux leaf wreaths on my scales that I found in the Target dollar spot.

Easter Tablescape Home Decor

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the magic in interior decorating is in layering. I started with this white cotton lace table runner from Hobby Lobby. It’s so dreamy and so inexpensive!

Since I knew all my decor was going to fit neatly on the table runner, I broke my own rule of doing the table settings first and kept layering in the center of the table. I started in the middle by doing one of my favorite activities – updating the decor on my scales. They are seriously one of the best full price purchases I’ve made, and full price doesn’t happen often around here, friends. I already had the leaf wreaths out that I mentioned earlier since they are part of my spring decor. But, I changed out the candles for a couple of the hand poured soy candles that I make and sell on Etsy. I’ve been burning a lot of fruity candles lately, so I decided to change it up for a Cupcake scent today. It’s so yummy!

Easter Tablescape Home Decor

Next, I brought out these pretty bronze candlesticks that I scored for $1.50 each at a thrift shop! Please tell me there are other people out there that get as excited about a good thrift store find as I do! *insert happy dance*

Placed next to the vintage candlesticks, you’ll find 2 different sizes of clay pots stacked and scattered in a deliberate manner. The clay pots came from the Dollar Tree. The large ones came in a set of 2 for $1 and the little ones came in a set of 3 for $1. So, $4 total for all of them currently on my table. Score!

If you saw my Instagram stories recently, you know that I did a little DIY project with these sweet clay pots before using them in my tablescape. I used a hard bristle paint brush to do a dry paint method with white paint to give them a more vintage look. It’s the first time I tried this method and I really like how it turned out!

In those same Instagram stories, you’ll see what those little bunny holders looked like before a few coats of paint. Spoiler alert, they were UGLY! I found them at a thrift shop for 69 cents each! They are actually meant to be taper candle holders, but my sweet husband had the great idea of placing eggs in them instead. I love it! All of the little speckled eggs in the clay pots and bunny holders came from Target’s dollar spot (6 for $1!).

Easter Tablescape Home Decor

I finished off our tablescape with the all important place settings. Where are we supposed to eat if there are no plates and utensils, after all? From bottom up, I started with these pretty gold placemats that I found at Target for $2 each. Another great deal!

The pretty detailed white dinner plates are brand new. I just received these in the mail from Abode Homewares. They are part of the Saville dinnerware set that I cannot wait to show you more of! They are actually made of melamine, which means we will be using them out on the patio all summer long! Pretty and functional – my two favorite things!

The next 2 layers both came from Hobby Lobby (shocking, I know – I really should own stock). The peachy-pink colored linen napkins (considered orange on Hobby Lobby’s website) were just too cute to pass up with that detail along the edges. And they had a bunch of cute bunny plates. I thought about getting a different one for each setting, but I like the consistency of having them all match. Either way, they would look cute though!

I’m going to venture a guess that they are sold out online because they are showing in the Easter banner photo, but I can’t find them anywhere on their website. They are still in store near me, so definitely worth checking locally if you like them.

Easter Tablescape Home Decor

If you look closely, you’ll also see the pretty pink disposable cutlery (considered red-tinted online) that I found in the Easter party supplies at Target. The color is so delicate that it’s hard to capture in the photographs, but they are so lovely in person. They provide a pretty alternative to your normal silverware.

You’ll also notice the mason jar glasses filled with refreshing lemon water. Y’all, I found these at the Dollar Tree! Cute mason jar glass for a buck a piece! We are not super fancy folks (although I do like to pretend to be sometimes), so these provide a nice casual addition to a table that could easily become a “look-but-don’t-touch” masterpiece without pieces to ground it back to Earth.

Easter Tablescape Home Decor

And, that’s all folks. Decorating your table for the holidays doesn’t have to be difficult. Just find a few pieces that you love and layer them all together.

Easter Tablescape Home Decor

I’d love to see photographs of your Easter table! Feel free to post them in the comments below or tag me on Instagram!

Easter Tablescape Home Decor

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