10 Home Design Trends: Spring 2019

home decor trends, spring 2019

Spring home decorating and styling is officially in full swing! All of the Easter bunnies have been put away for the year and I am in full-on sun shining, windows open, all things light, bright, and airy spring styling.

There are always the obvious changes that happen every year to my home decor in the spring – more fresh flowers, heavy blankets changed out for light-weight options, spring greenery, clay pots, and on and on.

However, there are some very specific trends that come and go each year. Check out my list of 10 home design trends that are popular right now!

1. Feminine Tones

home decor trends, spring 2019,  pops of pink

Now that the Easter pastels have been packed up, it is time to focus your color attentions to feminine tones. We are seeing lots of shades of pink (blush, dusty, and bright) and bronze. These pops of pink are perfect for breaking up expanses of taupe or other neutral colors to liven up a tired room. This is an easy trend to accomplish simply through accessorizing. Add in a decorative throw pillow, print, or vase. Or, for a bigger impact, add a pretty pink accent chair.

2. Floral Fabrics & Wallpapers

home decor trends, spring 2019, floral wallpaper

When I talk about floral fabrics and wallpapers, I am not talking about the floral patterns that once graced your grandmother’s plastic covered couch. The new florals bring a fresh and modern twist to traditional beauty. Particularly popular right now are large-scaled prints that bring the beauty of nature into your space.

3. The Bird is the Word

home decor trends, spring 2019, bird decor

The Trashmen were WAY ahead of this trend with their 1963 hit. And, although I would recommend against using birds that are surfin’, birds are really big this season! This is part of a trend that you’ll see throughout this article about bringing nature indoors. You can find whimsical bird designs on anything from light fixtures, to fabrics, to wallpapers. Hell, you can be literal with the trend and actually bring in bird figurines. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

4. Mixed Metals

home decor trends, spring 2019, mixed metal decor

I probably should have put this number one on the list because it is EVERYWHERE! My collection of brass candlesticks is proof-positive that brass is my go-to metal of choice. However, we are currently seeing ensembles of mixed metal accents popping up everywhere. I’m not gonna lie, I’m kinda a fan.

Silver, pewter, and black brown metals mix beautifully with bronze. If your tastes lean more toward oil-rubbed bronze or aged iron accents, then mix those with brass, gold, or nickel. No matter which route you go, I’d recommend no more than three different metal accents in any given space. It’s all about moderation to create balance and definition in your design.

5. Sustainable Pieces

home decor trends, spring 2019, sustainable decor

Continuing the earthy trend, we are seeing the use of items made by hand using materials such as rice paper, jute, and clay. This is a trend that runs through commercially produced products as well. The use of natural, organic materials such as wood floors, stone, natural light, plants, etc. brings the grounding elements of nature indoors.

Another space that we are seeing this trend is in rattan pendant lights. It is trendy to cluster these pendants in groups of at least 5 lights. The use of sustainable, natural materials helps tone down how overwhelming a large number of pendants could be to give it a more minimalist look.

6. Light Wood Floors

home decor trends, spring 2019, light wood floors

Don’t get me wrong. I still LOVE my dark hardwood floors. They contrast beautifully with all of the whites and neutral colors that I have my home styled with. But, light colored floors are making a comeback this season.

Shades of birch, beachy white, and light oak bring a more airy and open feel to your space. This happens because the light color reflects more light. This is a trend that I expect will be sticking around for a while given the shift toward nature and the fact that it works with both casual and luxury design styles.

7. 90% White, 10% Color

home decor trends, spring 2019, white and bright home design

Whites and neutrals have been popular for the last few years (thank you Joanna Gaines). I love having a neutral foundation in all of the rooms of my own home because it gives me the opportunity to change up my style often. I can bring in dark, cozy accents for winter, pastels for Easter, Patriotic colors for Independence Day, burnt oranges and reds for fall, and so on.

The trend for spring ‘19 is a 90% white/neutral room with 10% pops of color. It’s not about having a stark white room, but instead layering tons of textures and tones for your white or neutral foundation. Then, top it off with high contrast pops of color with your accents. This can include the pink trend that we already talked about, the indigo trend that we’re going to talk about next, or any other colors that put your personality on display.

8. Indigo

home decor trends, spring 2019, indigo home decor

If you’ve spent any time on my Instagram page, you will have seen that my favorite “color” to decorate with is blue. I have pops of indigo throughout my home. I’ve always been drawn to it – not only in home design, but also for my personal style. There was a time that 90% of my wardrobe was blue. No joke.

The trend for this season is to incorporate the blue shade of indigo into your home decor. Not just indigo, but a shibori version of indigo. Shibori is a Japanese word to encompass a variety of ways to “ink” wash and pattern materials. It is currently dominating decor. You can incorporate this trend with throw pillows, blankets, and other upholstered accents in washed-out and inky shades of indigo.

9. Coastal Textures

home decor trends, spring 2019, coastal home decor

Coastal textures such as natural wood, distressed surfaces, neutral hues, white washed finishes, and other organic textures saw a rise in popularity in 2018. The trend is stronger than ever for this spring! It’s easy to bring this trend to life with white-washed wicker baskets, distressed wood coffee tables, raw wood accent pieces, and more.

10. Gradation

home decor trends, spring 2019, gradation home decor

Gradation is often thought of in interior design to assess the colors of an entire room. However, we’re seeing a big uptick in using this design concept in small doses to pack a powerful punch. Subtle gradations in throw pillows, lamps, and rugs provide a blend of color and soft touch that embraces the concept of color movement.

Will you try any of these trends this spring? Which is your favorite? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

home decor trends, spring 2019

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