Spring DIY: Front Porch Doormat

Spring DIY: Front Porch Doormat

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Boy, have I got a super easy do-it-yourself project for you this month – a pretty doormat for your front porch, back porch, garage door, garden entry, or anywhere else that you want to add some character!

Spring is the time of year when I spend a lot of time cleaning and decorating our outdoor spaces. As soon as we get a little sunshine here in the Midwest, I start itching to spend as much time outdoors as humanly possible.

One of my very favorite spaces is our front porch. It was a major selling point when we purchased our home. I love sitting in my rocking chair, reading a good book, and listening to the kids playing in the front yard. It’s my favorite thing to do on a spring evening!

So, when it was time to do this doormat project, I knew exactly where I wanted it to live – in front of our front door, on our pretty front porch.

Supplies Needed:

1. Plain Doormat
2. Outdoor Paint
3. Painter’s Tape
4. Stencil(s)
5. Foam Paint Brush

Step 1: Determine Design

The real struggle for me with this project was in deciding what design I wanted for my doormat. In the end, I stayed true to my girly, shoe-loving personality with the design I chose. You can make your doormat design whatever you want it to be, though.

You can use pre-made stencils like the ones I linked to above, create a design using your Cricut machine, or use your freehand painting skills (of which I have none). I chose to use pre-made paper letter stencils and painter’s tape.

The painter’s tape doesn’t stick well to the top of the rug, so I tore my pieces long enough to loop around and stick to the bottom. I also saw a tip on Pinterest that said you could use straight pins to hold everything in place.

Step 2: Apply Paint

The next step is to apply your paint. This is where you could get really creative. There is outdoor paint available in pretty much any color that you could dream of!

I have a more neutral color palette in my home, with pops of blue accents. Plus, I knew that my doormat would sit on top of a blue floral rug. So, I chose to stick with one color that would coordinate well with my other porch decor items – Zinc (a dark shade of gray).

If I can give you only one helpful tip for painting your own doormat, it would be apply your paint liberally. If you’ve never felt one of these doormats, they are made out of a natural fiber called coir. That is the fibrous husks of a coconut. It is not soft. It can’t be to hold up to constant foot wiping, afterall. That also means that it takes a lot of paint to fully cover and penetrate the surface.

I started out carefully sponging my paint on, like I would with any other stencil project. It would have taken FOR-EV-ER if I had continued with that tactic. Get yourself a big glob of paint on the end of your paint brush. Don’t be shy. The other great thing about such a dense material is that the paint doesn’t really bleed underneath the stencil, so more paint won’t ruin your project. It went so fast once I started using more paint!

Spring DIY: Front Porch Doormat

Step 3: Remove Stencil

I’ll be honest… with most DIY projects that I do (and I do A LOT), I get more and more excited the closer I get to completion. With this doormat DIY, I was a bit trepidatious the entire time because I’ve never worked with these materials and I wasn’t really sure if it was going to turn out.

I actually left it like this for a while, staring at it, scared to remove the stencil.

I finally sucked it up and took the plunge. Friends, I was so freaking excited! I LOVE how this inexpensive and super easy DIY turned out! It’s been rainy this week, but I still go out to the front porch every day to look at our pretty new welcome mat. Cute shoes, friends! 😉

Spring DIY: Front Porch Doormat

But wait, there’s more…

I have something new that I’m rolling out on the blog this month. I’ve joined together with a group of fabulous DIY bloggers to showcase the same DIY across all of our blogs once per month.

This is a really exciting collaboration for me. That is not only because I have already grown to love these super women, but also to show you, my sweet readers, how many interpretations there can be of the same DIY project. It’s proof that you don’t have to create a doormat that looks exactly like mine. Create a design that works well for your home and your personal style.

You can see the interpretations from each of these talented ladies by clicking on the links below:

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Spring DIY: Front Porch Doormat

9 thoughts on “Spring DIY: Front Porch Doormat

  1. Kristen, love your tutorial and how your mat turned out. It is an adorable mat that all your guest will want to know where you purchased it at. This challenge was so fun and I enjoyed hopping with you! Have a great season on your front porch.

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